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Steel Sheet Pile

Mar. 14, 2022

Product Feature:

Jiasheng is the first class agent of Hebei Jinxi Iron&Steel Group.

As we know, jinxi brand larsen steel sheet pile is widely used in the application of river bank, harbour pier, municipal facilities, urban tube corridor, seismic reinforcement, bridge piper, bearing foundation, underground garage, foundation pit cofferdam, road widening retaining wall and temporary works.

The company adopts the most advanced converter smelting and universal tandem rolling mill technology.Under the strict quality control system, we make steel sheet pile with GB/t-20933-2014, JIS A 5528/JIS A5523, EN10248, ASTM A328 specification.


Product Show:


Steel Sheet Pile


Engineering Case:

1. Tianjin port harbor ecological park

2. Linyi west outer ring bridge

3. Shandong Jinan Yellow River bridge

4. Mau Chau,Shenzhen 

5. The Jinxi larsen steel sheet pile is used for Macao casinos

6. Guangzhou steel plat pile tiger gate 2 bridge project


Major exporting countries:

Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Mexico, Canada etc.

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