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Cable Tray

The rigid structure system with closely connected supporting cables is called cable tray (referred to as bridge), which is composed of straight segments, bent, three-way and four-way components, as well as brackets (arm bracket) and hangers.

Product Description

What is a cable tray?

Cable tray systems are the perfect solution for routing large quantities of power or data cables overhead or underground. Also known as baskets, raceways or cable ladders, these systems are designed to provide wiring and support for critical cabling.



A cable tray is suitable for laying power cables with voltage below 10 kV, indoor and outdoor overhead cable trench and tunnel, as well as control cables and lighting wiring.


Other information:

Cable ladder, cable tray, Materials:

1. Carbon Steel

2. Pre Galvanized Steel Plate (GI, G.I.)

3. Stainless Steel SS304 and SS316L

4. Aluminum

5. FRP (GRP, Fiberglass)


Cable ladder, cable tray, Specification: 

Thickness: 0.5 mm - 2.0 mm (22 - 27 Gauge)

Height: 25 mm - 500 mm (Light, Medium, Heavy Duty)

Width: 50 mm - 1200 mm

Length: 2-10M (can be produced according to appointed length)

Finished: Pre-galvanized (Z80 - Z275), hot dipped galvanized, powder coating


Cable ladder, cable tray, Features:

Increase the current carrying capacity of cables

Takes up to 25 percent less space than a ladder 

The hole pattern is designed to provide maximum flexibility for positioning cable ties.

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