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Steel Sheet Pile

Jiasheng is the world's leading sheet piling supplier with the widest range of sheet piles for sale: over 15 series and over 400 profiles, including a wide range of steel grades and production standards for hot rolled sheet piles and cold rolled sheet piles. our team has the technical knowledge and manufacturing experience to provide you with quality products and timely site delivery to meet your construction schedule.


What is sheet piling?

Sheet piles are long structural sections with a vertical interlocking system that creates a continuous wall. The wall is usually used to retain soil or water. The performance of a sheet pile section depends on its geometry and the soil into which it is driven. The piles transfer the pressure from the high side of the wall to the soil in front of the wall.
Steel sheet piles have a U-shaped or Z-shaped cross-section. Steel sheet piles are available in various sizes and interlocking forms. The advantages are high strength and easy penetration into hard soil layers; the ability to build in deep water, adding diagonal bracing to become a mesh box if necessary; water resistance; the ability to form various shapes of storage as needed, and the ability to be reused many times. Therefore, sheet pile is widely used.


Application of sheet pile

Sheet pile is widely used in applications such as river banks, port terminals, municipal facilities, urban corridors, seismic reinforcement, bridge piers, load-bearing foundations, underground garages, foundation cofferdams, road widening retaining walls, and temporary works. Cost-effective solutions are available for a variety of applications, including

Erosion control

Seawall, breakwater and propping construction

Soil stabilization

Waste and pollution containment

Road construction

Bridge abutments and foundations


Docks and dikes

Jiasheng offers a wide range of sheet piles. In piling, hot-rolled sheet piles and cold-formed sheet piles are the two main methods of manufacturing sheet piles. Although there are differences between these two methods, the most important difference is interlocking. Because hot rolled sheet piles are made of steel at high temperatures, the interlocking tends to be tighter than cold bent sheet piles. Typically, looser interlocks are not recommended for extremely difficult driving conditions or for walls that require low permeability. Otherwise, the two types of sections perform similarly.

In any case, our team of piling experts is here to answer your questions and guide you through the work process. Contact us today for a quote!


Steel Sheet Pile


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