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Q345B Steel Sheet Pile

Steel sheet pile can be divided into cold-formed thin-wall steel sheet pile and hot rolled steel sheet pile according to production technology. In engineering construction, the application scope of cold-formed steel sheet pile is narrow, and it is mostly used as material supplement, while hot-rolled steel sheet pile is always the leading product in engineering application. Based on the advantages of steel sheet pile in construction, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and Standardization Administration issued the "Hot Rolled U-Shaped Steel Sheet Pile" national standard on May 14, 2007, and was formally implemented on December 1, 2007. At the end of the 20th century, Masteel Co., LTD., with the technology and equipment of universal rolling mill production line imported from abroad, produced more than 5,000 tons of 400mm U-shaped steel sheet piles, which were successfully used in the Nenjiang Bridge cofferdam, the 300,000-ton dock of Jingjiang New Century Shipyard and flood control projects in Bangladesh. However, due to low production efficiency, poor economic benefits, little domestic demand and lack of technical experience during the trial production, the production failed to continue. According to statistics, at present, the annual consumption of steel plate pile in China remains at 30,000 tons, only 1%% in the world, and is limited to the permanent engineering of some ports, docks, shipyard construction and other temporary engineering of building bridge cofferdam, foundation pit supporting.

Cold-formed steel sheet pile is a steel structure formed by continuous rolling by a cold-bending unit, and the side lock can be continuously overlapped to form a sheet pile wall. Cold bending steel sheet pile is made of thin sheet (commonly used thickness is 8mm ~ 14mm) and processed by cold bending forming unit. The production cost is lower and the price is cheaper, and the measuring control is more flexible. However, due to the simple machining method, the thickness of each part of the pile body is the same, and the cross-section size cannot be optimized, which leads to the increase of steel consumption. The shape of the lock part is difficult to control, the connection is not tight, can not stop the water; Limited by the capacity of cold bending processing equipment, it can only produce products with low steel strength and thin thickness; In addition, the stress generated in the process of cold bending is large, and the pile is easy to tear in use, so the application has great limitations. In engineering construction, the application range of cold-formed steel sheet pile is narrow, and most of them are only used as supplementary materials. Characteristics OF COLD-formed steel sheet pile: according to the actual situation of the project, the most economical and reasonable section can be selected to achieve the optimization of engineering design. Compared with the same performance of hot rolled steel sheet pile, the material can be saved by 10-15%, which greatly reduces the construction cost.

Applications: cofferdam (land), cofferdam (water), low embankment, deep foundation pit, shallow underground excavation, light offshore use, heavy offshore use, groundwater quality control, etc.

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U type Sheetpile

U Type Sheet Pile

Steel sheet piles are a type of steel with a lock. The cross section of steel sheet pile is a straight plate shape, a groove shape or a Z shape. Steel sheet piles are available in various sizes and interlocking forms.

Z type Sheet Pile

Z type Sheet Pile

Z type sheet piles are produced in zigzag form and are usually driven in crimped or welded doubles. z type sheet piles are more widely used than U type piles in port construction and deep foundations because Z type sheets can have greater modulus and can be used as intermediate piles in tubular and HZ combination walls.

Q345B Steel Sheet Pile




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